What is Happiness?

According to the dictionary it means, “A mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.”

What is happiness to you?

Happiness, to me, is doing what you want to do. Not because someone wants you to do it, but because you actually want to do it. May it be, playing a sport, or even just reading a book. What makes you happy, i think is happiness.

I know for me, it is when i am smiling, laughing, and loving life. Happiness can be so many different things, to every individual person. Some people find happiness when they are with a special person or if they are doing what they love to do.

I remember one time when i came back home from a trip that took two months. I came out of the airport and there was my beautiful girlfriend waiting for me. That moment was one of the happiest times i have ever been. Just knowing, that when you come back home, there is someone waiting for you. That moment is one that i always cherish in my life.

People, in general, go through so much hardships in their life. Most people don’t even know what happiness is anymore. With all the violence and drama in everyday life. Happiness is a rare thing to find. So if you have found happiness, don’t let it go. Keep it with you and cherish it, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

“Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness.”
-William E. Gladstone

Remembering The Past

Remembering The Past

So does anyone have any past moments that they regret or wish they haven’t done? I know i have, just remembering some of the dumb things i have done before, i’m just like “dang, was i really that stupid?” I guess when you think about it real hard, it just seems really dumb to you in the present.

I’m sure there are some things where you wish you could travel back in time to change, but until they make a time machine, it’s not going to happen. A lot of times i think about the past and it really brings me down and just puts me in the dumps. I finally learned not to stress so much about it anymore.

What’s done, is done. All you can do now, is move forward and live on with your life. Either be depressed and relive those moments in your life, you wish you haven’t or pick yourself up and think about the future. That way, you can learn to forget and live a happier life. Life is too short to live in shame and regret. Learn from your mistakes and just pull yourself together and move on! That is what i’m doing and i definitely do NOT regret it one bit. πŸ˜€

β€œRemember the past, plan for the future, but live for today, because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.”
-St. Luke



Mexico, the country of tacos, was one of my many trips i have been to. This one however, i went with my church. It was an awesome time there! I got to meet so many new people and learn their culture and language. The whole time i was there, i barely even talked to my church people. I always sat with the other people trying to learn some words so i can communicate with them.

The people there were so friendly to us. All the kissing on your cheek and all was a little weird at first, but it was different than home. I wish i knew Spanish because the whole time i didn’t know what was going on. I always ate tacos and burritos, the whole time i was there too! The only time we went out to eat was, to eat Mexican pizza and OH MY GOODNESS. The best pizza i have ever tasted in my life!!! It was so good!!! Hopefully i can go back there again, because i am still friends with them on facebook! So if i visit sometime soon, at least i will have some friends to hang out with πŸ˜€

The tastes of different food

The tastes of different food

So i basically traveled all around the world. ive been to Mexico, Saipan, Korea, Nepal, and Africa. I loved all the foods ive eaten there and wish i could eat them again! I have tried all kinds of food that i would never eat at home.

In Mexico i had a bunch of tacos, but the best food i had there was a Mexican pizza! I don’t know how they made it, but it was so good!.

In Korea, i had a lot of Korean food, but i would say live octopus was the most exotic thing i have eaten there. They cut the octopus into small pieces, but it still is moving after. So when you are chewing it, it is moving around in your mouth. Gross right?! But it actually wasn’t that bad to me.

In Nepal, i had curry, which was actually good. The only problem i had was that it was too spicy! The weather was already like 120 degrees!! So as i was eating this food, i was dripping in sweat because of the heat outside and in my mouth!

Saipan, i guess the most exotic thing i have eaten there was a coconut? Haha, i never had a chance to actually try coconut fresh, until i visited there. they literally just cut the coconut and stick a straw in there. I didn’t think it was all that great.

Finally there is Africa! Here i had the best thing i have ever eaten in a long time! It was Ethiopian food, which surprised me because i thought they were super poor and all. They have a bunch of different toppings that are on top of a sourdough type of roll. You either dip it in the toppings or you can even make a taco out of them. The taste was just awesome, the sourness of the roll, mixed with all the different type of toppings was heaven on my taste buds. After you are mostly done, you can roll the sourdough into a huge burrito!! Out of all the places i have went to, surprisingly, I thought Africa had the best foods i have ever eaten. So go out and look for an Ethiopian restaurant!!

League of Legends!

League of Legends!

So League of Legends is one of my favorite games to play online. Unfortunately i haven’t been able to play it as much as i want to because my computer sucks butt! Hopefully i am going to be able to get an alien laptop to play awesome games with πŸ˜€

But anyways, for you gamers out there who has never tried this game before. You MUST try this game at least once. There is a tutorial and you can play with computers too! Its a lot of fun and its a lot of strategy!

Basically this game is like Dota, if any of you gamers know Warcraft. Hopefully i can start playing this game again soon!

If anyone wants to leave their username or even a different game that is really awesome. (Btw im into like rpgs, mmo, mmorpg, and things like that) Feel free to comment and leave some names of games or your username!!

Eating unhealthy and McDonalds

Eating unhealthy and McDonalds

So me and my girlfriend went to McDonalds today. i got 2 mcdoubles, big mac, and large fries. After eating all of that, i felt worse than i have ever felt in a really long time. i used to love McDonalds growing up, but now i cant even handle it at all!

Eating unhealthy is one thing, but i think McDonalds is unhealthy in it’s own category. I could eat a whole bag of chips by myself and not feel like crap. I already told my girlfriend not to let me eat there anymore. even if i’m starving. I would rather starve my self than suffer in agony from eating Mcdonalds foods.

If you happen to be a Mcdonald lover, QUIT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!! Hahaha, just kidding, not really πŸ˜› I just know that i will never eat Mcdonalds again, unless it happens to be their 54 cent icecream cone πŸ˜€

Ew cockroaches need to go away!

Ew cockroaches need to go away!

I hate these bugs so much. I found a huge one in my room the other day and with much agony i caught it in a cup. I looked up ways to prevent these pests from entering your house! If you already have them in your house, you better start cleaning and using some cockroach spray!!!

1. Do not leave food hanging around for days.
2. Make sure there are no holes of cracks that lead to the outside.
3. Make sure there are no leaks because even the smallest leak is enough for a cockroach!
4. Try not to have any humidity in your house.